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Roger Wäppling (1940-2023)

Roger Wäppling (1940-2023)

Professor Roger Wäppling

has passed away at an age of 82. After basic studies in physics and mathematics  at Uppsala University, Sweden he was sent to Munich 1965 to learn Mössbauer spectroscopy. He returned one year later and established a Mössbauer group in Uppsala. His interest was especially magnetism but he established also good contacts with other disciplines, like chemistry and geology at the university. He supervised more than ten Ph D students mainly in the Mössbauer spectroscopy field but his broad knowledge was also utilized in other spectroscopies like myon spin resonance (MuSR) at CERN, ISIS and PSI.

He was a former member of IBAME and took also active part in establishing a Nordic Mössbauer community. 

He was an inspiring and patient listener and gave his coworkers large freedom and he always supported their work. To the group came also several scholars from  African and Asian universities which broadened the Mössbauer community to their home countries.

We, which have got the privilege to work with Roger are very thankful for his achievements. 

The Mössbauer Group at Uppsala University
Hans Annersten
Tore Ericsson
Lennart Häggström