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George Filoti (1942-2021)

George Filoti died on Wednesday, March 17, 2021, at age 79. He was a senior researcher rank 1 at the National Institute of Materials Physics, Bucharest-Magurele, Romania and had a prestigious didactic activity as Professor associated to the Doctoral School of Physics from University of Bucharest.
His activity was connected to delocalization electron phenomena and local structure and interactions in various materials (intermetallics, alloys, oxides, molecular crystals, co-ordination compounds - e.g. chelates -, iron compounds with structures similar to high Tc superconductors, frustrated spin systems) most of them being compounds containing mixed-valence elements.
A very fine observer of the details, he managed to explain complicated electronic mechanisms based on a rigorous analysis of the Mӧssbauer data and by designing particular compositions and preparation routes as well as by using complementary investigation tools.
He has been involved in numerous international collaborations in this field, his activity being rewarded with distinctions, diplomas and awards obtained at national and international events. George Filoti was for many years the Romanian representative in IBAME. He was awarded the IBAME Fellow status in 2017 in recognition of his distinguished scientific achievements. He was also awarded the Romanian Academy Prize for Physics for the best papers in Solid State Physics for the year 1994 and was honored by the Romanian Order “For Merit” Officer Degree in 2000.
Professor Dr. George Filoti has dedicated his life to the science and to the institute in which he has worked throughout his career, being at the same time a promoter of new research directions in the field of magnetism and local electronic phenomena and a skills trainer. He has guided many researchers and PhD students, leaving behind a significant scientific contribution. He was working in the field of Mӧssbasuer spectroscopy since 1964. He coordinated the Gamma Nuclear Resonance Group since 1967, as a young and enthusiastic group focused on the study of local magnetic interactions and electronic delocalization phenomena in various systems by using Mӧssbasuer spectroscopy and complementary techniques.
His PhD students and coworkers remember him as an altruistic man, always ready to offer good advice, with a complex vision not only on Physics but on a large area of knowledge and on society in general. He was a very honest person as human being and as scientist as well.
All the friends, collaborators and the people who knew him, gratefully commemorate his memory and deeply regret the departure of us, too early.

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