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Göstar Klingelhöfer (1956-2019) (13/01/19)

Our good friend and colleague Göstar Klingelhöfer passed away suddenly and unexpected. 0n January 8, 2019. Coming just back from a travel to China, he was full of plans for new projects. Göstar was probable the best known Mössbauer spectroscopist. With his engagement in planetology science and the high success with the investigations on Mars, he is responsible that Mössbauer spectroscopy is nowadays known also outside of our community. His talks, which he gave on nearly every Mössbauer conference were always highlights. As father of MIMOS II he has opened new perspectives for out-of-laboratory measurements. With the take over of the Wissel company it was also guaranteed for many of us, who use Wissel products, that good Mössbauer electronics is still available in future. For his many contributions Göstar has got the IBAME Award. He was very active as IBAME member, e.g. as representative of Germany and member of the Scientific Award committee.

With his dead Göstar has opened a huge gap, which cannot be filled.

Our heartfelt sympathy is with his family.