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Nomenclature Committee

The IBAME Nomenclature Committee (also called Mössbauer Nomenclature Review Group) is an ad hc body of IBAME with the task to
elaborate the new Recommendations for Nomenclature and the Reporting of Mössbauer Data (with relevance for both laboratory and synchrotron experiments). The committee comprises experienced Mössbauer spectroscopists representing different fields of Mössbauer spectroscopy. The Chair of the committee is appointed by IBAME. Neither the Members nor the Chair of the committee need to be IBAME Members. The Chair of the IBAME Nomenclature Committee has the right to invite further members to the committee, an action subject to the consent of the Executive Committee.

Ercan Alp
Frank J. Berry
Jean-Marc Greneche
Philipp Gütlich
Rudolf Rüffer
Volker Schünemann (Chair)
Krzysztof Szymański
John G. Stevens