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Structure Committee

The IBAME Strucure Committee is an ad hoc body of IBAME discussing possible measures for improving the strategy of IBAME and, in this connection, elaborating the draft of a new Constitution defining a new structure of IBAME and the whole international Mössbauer community. The committee is appointed by IBAME. Members of the IBAME Structure Committee are active Mössbauer spectroscopists preferably representing different national and topical communities but need not to be IBAME Members. Ex-officio members of the Structure Committee are the IBAME Executive Members. The Chair of the IBAME Structure Committee is the IBAME Chair. Present members of the IBAME Award Committee are:

Stewart Campbell
Stefaan Cottenier
Yann Garcia (ex officio)
Jean-Marc Greneche
Johan Lindén
Ko Mibu
Dénes Lajos Nagy (Chair)
Edson Passamani Caetano
Michael Reissner
Ralf Röhlsberger (ex officio)
N.N. (IBAME Secretary, ex officio, pending)