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Ursula Wagner (1933-2021) and Friedirch Wagner (1937-2023)

Professor Ursula Wagner and her husband Professor Friedich Wagner

have passed away at an age of 88 and 86, respectively.

Ursula and Friedrich Wagner in front of the Munich Research Reactor (2000)
Photo taken from Mössbauer Effect Reference and Data Journal (MERDJ), March 2004, Vol. 27, No. 3

Roger Wäppling (1940-2023)

Roger Wäppling (1940-2023)

Lajos Keszthelyi (1927-2022)

Lajos Keszthelyi (1927-2022)

It is with great sorrow that the Hungarian Mössbauer Community represented by the Network of Hungarian Mössbauer Laboratories announces the demise of its founder

Eckhard Bill (1953-2022)

Eckhard Bill (1953-2022)

Eckhard Bill studied physics at the University of Saarland and became enthusiastic about Mössbauer spectroscopy already during his studies. He was one of the first students of Alfred (Ali) Trautwein, who did his habilitation in the group of Uli Gonser and then accepted the call for a professorship at the University of Lübeck in 1983.

Philipp Gütlich (1934-2022)

Philipp Gütlich (1934-2022)

Our IBAME honorary member and former IBAME chair Philipp Gütlich passed away on 9 September 2022 at the age of 88. The international Mössbauer community loses not only an excellent scientist and committed teacher but also a friend and colleague who, with immense dedication, advanced the applications of the Mössbauer effect in a diversity of research fields.

John Schiffer (1930-2022)

John Schiffer (1930-2022)
Argonne National Laboratory

It is with great sadness that we would like to inform the Mössbauer Community worldwide of passing of Dr. John Schiffer of Argonne National Laboratory on June 6th, 2022, at the age of 91.

Hans Frauenfelder (1922-2022)

Hans Frauenfleder (1922-2022)
Los Alamos National Laboratory

We learned with great sadness that Dr. Hans Frauenfelder of Los Alamos National Laboratory passed away on July 10th, 2022, just 18 days shy of his 100th birthday.

Hirotoshi Sano (1928-2022)

With great sorrow, we, Japanese Mössbauer community, inform you that Dr. Hirotoshi Sano, Professor Emeritus of Tokyo Metropolitan University, ex-IBAME representative of Japan, and a Mössbauer Century Club member, passed away on 30 June, 2022, at the age of 94.

His will and works will be inherited to younger researchers in Japan and overseas countries forever.

István Dézsi (1934-2022)

It is with deepest sadness to announce the passing of Professor István Dézsi, emeritus professor of the Wigner Research Centre for Physics, Budapest, Doctor of the Physical Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, foreign member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and Arts.

Yasuhiro Yamada (1959-2020)

On Wednesday April 29, 2020 Yasuhiro Yamada unexpectedly passed away in the age of only 61, due to an acute bone marrow cancer. He was full of plans for new projects. All his friends and colleagues are deeply shocked. Yasuhiro was active IBAME member since 2013, representing the chemists in the Japanese Mössbauer Community. OUr deepest thoughts are with his family and friends.


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