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IBAME Science Awardees

2006: Göstar Klingelöfer
In recognition of his exceptional contribution to Mössbauer spectroscopy, especially for the design and construction of miniaturised instrumentation which, amongst other things, has enabled unique information on the composition of soils and rocks to be recorded from the NASA exploration of Mars during 2004 and 2005.

2013: Eckhard Bill
in recognition of his distinguished work in the field of the Mössbauer Effect over the last 20 years.

2015: Charles E Johnson
in recognition of his exceptional contribution to Mössbauer spectroscopy since 1961 inspiring many colleagues of the subsequent generation to enter the field.

2015: Rudolf Rüffer
in recognition of his pioneering contribution to the development of nuclear resonance scattering of synchrotron radiation.

2017: Catherine McCammon
for her outstanding contributions to geophysically relevant questions via novel methodological approaches using the Mössbauer Effect.

2017: Gary Long
for his high-level works and outstanding contributions to physical chemistry and chemical physics using the Mössbauer Effect.

2019: Esen Ercan Alp
for his outstanding contributions to the development of synchrotron radiation techniques and their scientific applications based on the Mössbauer Effect.

2019: Israel Novik
for his numerous outstanding contributions to science, especially to magnetism and solid state physics, based on the applications of the Mössbauer Effect.

Next time, the IBAME Science Award will be presented at ICAME 2021 in September 2019 in Brasov, Romania.